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Fire extinguishers spend most of their time hanging on the wall or tucked into a cabinet, sitting dormant and forgotten for months (or sometimes even years) at a time. When fire extinguishers are needed, though, they can mean the difference between life and death or between more.

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Established as a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a worldwide group of companies with a large network, Chubb Fire & Security has grown into one of the most trusted sources for fire safety equipment and knowledge in Australia. We offer a number of different services in more.

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Every business should have the necessary fire equipment on hand to protect their assets as well as to ensure their customers and their employees are safe in the event of a fire emergency. There is a range of types of fire equipment that may be necessary, depending on the size more.

Chubb is a Provider of Choice for Fire Equipment Maintenance in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth

For any business, industrial site, or corporate headquarters, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment that you can have on hand is a fire extinguisher. The ability to quickly take care of a fire when it breaks out is essential. Unfortunately, simply acquiring a fire extinguisher more.

Fire Extinguisher Services Available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and throughout Australia

At Chubb Fire, we remind our clients that they should have their fire extinguishers serviced at least every six months. This rule applies to all businesses and is not only a fairly well-accepted and oft-repeated mantra in the fire safety world, but also a legal requirement. Unfortunately more.

Comprehensive Fire System Maintenance in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth will Protect Your Business from Disaster

It isn't uncommon for business owners or managers to think something along the lines of 'It can't happen to me' in regards to a fire emergency. While there are always news headlines about homes, businesses or factories that were severely damaged or destroyed due to fire, they more.

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Businesses are made up of different types of systems, all of which help them to operate more efficiently, quickly, and perhaps most importantly safely. One of the most important types of systems that any business can have in place is a fire system, regardless of their size or type more.

Looking to Attain Warden Training in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth? Obtain Fire Warden Training through Chubb Fire & Security

Fire safety is more than just smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. To truly protect your business from the threat of fire, you also need to have people on staff who are trained to take charge in emergency fire situations. Wardens are an extra risk control measure that can more.