Keep Your Employees and Assets Safe, with Extinguisher Services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth

Fire extinguishers spend most of their time hanging on the wall or tucked into a cabinet, sitting dormant and forgotten for months (or sometimes even years) at a time. When fire extinguishers are needed, though, they can mean the difference between life and death or between minor surface damage and an office building burnt to the ground. Needless to say, the employees at your business need to be able to count on the fire extinguishers in the building to avert disaster or at least provide a clear escape route. Unfortunately, fire extinguishers that go unused and un-inspected for too long can be ineffective when they are needed, putting lives and assets alike in grave danger.

At Chubb Fire, we help restore functionality to your fire extinguishers, and peace of mind to your employees. We offer a maintenance program that provides regular extinguisher services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. During these services, we will test the fire extinguishers throughout your business and tell you whether or not they still work correctly. If necessary, we will recommend refilling, replacements or repairs. Our goal is to ensure the safest work environment possible for your business.

What is Included in an Extinguisher Service from Chubb Fire & Security?

Chubb Fire operates 32 different branches throughout Australia, offering comprehensive fire safety services in each of them. With 185 years of combined experience in the protection industries (including both fire safety and general security), we bring considerable knowledge to our extinguisher services in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane.

Experts advise that businesses have their fire extinguishers thoroughly inspected and serviced in accordance with AS1851 with more checks done every five years. These inspections must be conducted by professional fire technicians, of which we have many on the team at Chubb Fire & Security.

In addition to experience and expertise, Chubb Fire will also provide a convenient turnkey solution for your fire extinguishers. Our extinguisher services in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane consist of full testing regimens (based on Australian Standards) and repairs or replacements of equipment and extinguisher components, where necessary. Once the inspection and maintenance and routines are complete, we provide the necessary documentation, proving that your business took the necessary steps to service its fire extinguishers.

Learn More about Chubb Fire & Security

By counting on Chubb Fire for your extinguisher services in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or Brisbane, you will be meeting all Australian Standards while also ensuring that your extinguishers are functional enough to put out fires and well-maintained enough to meet or surpass the standard extinguisher lifespan.

In addition to extinguisher services, you can also work with Chubb for various other fire safety needs within your business. We are happy to consult on your fire alarm or sprinkler system and can provide design, installation and ongoing servicing for all fire systems. We also provide training courses for a variety of different purposes, from teaching employees how to use fire extinguishers effectively to providing the skills that one needs to serve as a fire warden.

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