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At Chubb Fire, we remind our clients that they should have their fire extinguishers serviced at least every six months. This rule applies to all businesses and is not only a fairly well-accepted and oft-repeated mantra in the fire safety world, but also a legal requirement. Unfortunately, we find that clients don't always abide by the rules for fire extinguisher services because they don't completely understand how extinguishers work or, by extension, what can influence the effectiveness of extinguishers. It's also often a case of out of sight, out of mind. After all, a fire extinguisher isnÕt sitting on your desktop demanding attention every day!

Why service a Fire Extinguisher?

If you take a look at any given fire extinguisher, you will probably notice a tag around the neck of the apparatus that provides a service date. It is the date by when the device should be serviced again in accordance with AS1851. This is why businesses require fire extinguisher services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and all throughout Australia.

Extinguishers are filled with range of different agents from Foam, water, Dry Chemical Powder  (DCP) or CO2 gas. A fire extinguisher will use pressurised gas to propel and disperse foam or powder-base chemicals. Over time some of the gas or foam may leak out of the extinguisher limiting its ability to put out a fire. In some extreme cases, the powder base chemicals at the bottom of a fire extinguisher can harden into solid or semi-solid forms.

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Both of the issues described can be disastrous in a situation where a fire extinguisher needs to be used to put out a fire. A depressurised or hardened extinguisher agent is no more useful for fighting fire than an empty canister. To prevent these issues from occurring, you need to schedule six-monthly fire extinguisher services for every extinguisher present on your premises.

At Chubb Fire, we provide thorough fire extinguisher services in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond. We have 32 different branches scattered throughout Australia, based in capital cities and major regional centres, but also committed to serving the surrounding areas. Should you require fire extinguisher service in Perth, Sydney, Keswick or Bunbury, you can rest assured that there is a Chubb office ready to help you. Click here to view a full list of our offices.

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