Decontamination Shower

Both statutory and industrial emergency services are facing an ever increasing number of incidents involving the handling and spillage of hazardous materials. With this increasing risk there is a requirement for decontamination of personnel and protective clothing to reduce the concentration of any contaminant to an acceptable level.

Angus DS 3 Decontamination Shower

This lightweight shower packs into a strongly constructed aluminium case which also doubles as a non-slip base platform. It is easily erected and repacked. Providing excellent chemical resistance, the flexible sections of the shower are manufactured from Angus Duraline hose, which surpasses international standards for chemicals, oil, abrasion, heat, weathering, UV light and ozone attack. The spray nozzles are polypropylene which offer a long and durable life.

Download Angus DS 3 Decontamination Shower Data Sheet