Monitors spend most of their lives static and lifeless. But when a fire is detected they can often be the only practical way of applying foam or water to the fire. While simple in principle, monitors are sophisticated pieces of engineering made to deliver a specific performance after long periods of inactivity. Like many engineering challenges the design of a monitor can take many forms depending on the specific hazard it is intended to protect and the mechanism and method of operation the designer uses to achieve the final layout.

When designing a monitor the manufacturer must balance performance, operational life and ease of use against cost. The installation of fixed monitors, or the provision of mobile or portable monitors, is usually the outcome of a careful analysis of the fire risk and the realisation that without planning in advance fighting any subsequent fire will present difficulties.

It is essential therefore, that monitors are robust and will have a long service life, even under adverse conditions Chubb offer a comprehensive range of monitors in various forms and materials to suit almost any application.

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