Chubb offer a comprehensive range of nozzles to suit almost every application. From constant, automatic and multi-purpose Protek nozzles, demanded by professional fire fighters, through to Angus Plexone nozzles and other fog jet and spray nozzles. No matter the situation, emergency or industry, Kidde can provide a nozzle to meet most requirements.

Protek Nozzles

Protek nozzles are fast becoming a nozzle of choice among fire fighters globally. The range is comprehensive and includes automatic high pressure, selectable, constant gallonage and multipurpose models. Specialty nozzles are also available including marine, wildfire and high pressure models. In addition to nozzles the Protek also offer a complete range of fittings and accessories to enhance the performance and characteristics of their nozzles for various applications.

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Angus Plexone

The Angus Plexone Fog Nozzle is a light weight fog/jet nozzle that makes it ideally suited for forestry and fire departments, agriculture and industry. Available in three sizes the Plexone nozzle is simple to use and very popular for a range of applications.

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Other Nozzles

Just as every emergency is different and requirements change, so too is the type of nozzle required to meet that need. Kidde offer a range of additional nozzles designed to meet specific needs. These include mushroom type fog jet nozzles and low flow nozzles for harsh environments.

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