Portable Foam Equipment

Foamlite Class A Bushfire Equipment

Foamlite products are designed for the application of Class A fire fighting foam in a bushfire situation. Highly economical the branchpipes allow for low and medium expansion foam whilst the inductor provides an economical and convenient means by which Class A Foam Concentrate is induced into a water stream.

Phoenix Class A Foam Equipment

The Phoenix range of foam (RED) branchpipes has been developed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. They are produced from plastics and non-ferrous metals to combine light weight with strength and corrosion resistance. The range includes low and medium expansion branchpipes and a foam inductor.

AF120 Mk2 Mobile Foam Unit

The Angus HI-COMBAT AF120 Mk2 is ideal for the protection of smaller flammable liquid hazards such as boiler rooms, oil storage and loading terminals, paint or spirit stores, airfields, industrial sites, generator rooms and similar high risk areas. The HI-COMBAT AF120 Mk2 provides a compact and highly efficient fire fighting unit, on hand for a fast response with minimum manpower requirements.


Chubb offer a range of branchpipes suited to use with Class B foam. These include Angus Fire Hi Combat low and medium expansion branchpipes and Angus Striker stainless steel branchpipes. Available in self-inducing and non-inducing and a range of sizes and throws there is a branchpipe to suit most applications.

Inductors and Uniductors

Chubb offer a range of inductors and uniductors for use in the induction of foam. Angus Fire Hi Combat uniductors are available in various induction rates and are designed for use with Angus Fire low and medium expansion Hi Combat branchpipes for optimal performance. Also available is an inline inductor from Protek.

Turbex Hi Expansion Foam Generators

Angus HI-COMBAT Turbex MkII High Expansion Foam generators are designed to produce large capacities of high expansion foam, up to 200 cubic metres (7,000 cu.ft) per minute for fast and effective flooding of large and inaccessible spaces with minimal water consumption and subsequently minimal water damage.

Angus HI-COMBAT Mini-Turbex unit is a rapid deployment, first aid high expansion foam generator which produces up to 100 cubic metres (3,500 cu.ft) of foam bubbles per minute. The HI-COMBAT Mini- Turbex is capable of producing expansion ratios between 260- 360:1.

Both units are capable of rapid smoke extraction (SX), positive pressure ventilation and removal of foam once the fire is extinguished.


For more information on any of the above products, please contact Chubb.