Alarm Signalling Equipment

Chubb’s Code Red Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) offers the reliability, versatility and accuracy you need when it comes to responding to both genuine and false alarm signals.

With the primary purpose of conveying a fire alarm data signal to emergency services via the Code Red 24/7 monitoring centre, the ASE is also capable of monitoring other signals to alert you to potential problems with your fire systems.

Intelligent information capture
Providing an unrivalled level of fire system visibility and information to help reduce the costs associated with false alarms, the ASE has the ability to record all events linked to your fire panel, including non-fire signals such as:

  • Circuit/device faults
  • Circuit/device isolations
  • Pump faults
  • System tamper
  • Power supply and/or battery faults
  • Low system pressures
  • Tank levels