Comprehensive Fire System Maintenance in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth will Protect Your Business from Disaster

It isn't uncommon for business owners or managers to think something along the lines of 'It can't happen to me' in regards to a fire emergency. While there are always news headlines about homes, businesses or factories that were severely damaged or destroyed due to fire, they often seem far off and irrelevant. That is, until your business is the one being profiled in the headlines.

The fact, though, is that no business is immune to the dangers of fire. Fire hazards, from poorly cleaned kitchen equipment to faulty wiring, can set a building to blaze in an instant. The key to avoiding disaster is to have a smart, effective fire safety system in place.

Introducing Chubb Fire

Chubb Fire is devoted to helping clients design and implement superior fire safety systems. We provide comprehensive solutions in fire safety, from fire and smoke detection to sprinkler systems and their pumps and hydrants. In addition to these system essentials, we can also outfit your building with fire doors, fire seals and emergency exits, as well as sufficient fire extinguishers to meet Australian standards.

As far as standards and regulations are concerned, clients can rest assured that Chubb's technicians are observing legal requirements and safety measures at every turn. With a combined 185 years of experience on our team, we have extensive expertise in all applicable Australian standards. We also have 32 different branches spread throughout Australia, serving every capital city and most larger regional centres. 

Chubb: Your Source for Fire System Maintenance in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth

At Chubb Fire & Security, we don't just focus on fire system installation and commissioning. We also provide ongoing fire system maintenance in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and other major metropolitan centres. Our philosophy is even the best, most expertly designed fire safety systems can fall into dysfunction and disrepair if left unmaintained. On a long enough timeline, fire systems will even become obsolete.

By offering fire system maintenance programs in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond, Chubb Fire & Security is able to ensure safer workplaces. We review your entire fire safety system and assess each component based on Australian and regional standards. If components fail to pass our tests, we either provide repairs or replacements for the equipment, based on what is best for the overall functionality of the system.

If you believe your business has an outdated fire system, do not put off an inspection! Instead, contact Chubb Fire & Security for a fire system maintenance run-through. Call 13 15 98 and select option 2 to get started.