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  • Chubb Fire and Weber Rescue Systems Announce Distributor Partnership

    Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd is pleased to announce an exclusive Australian distribution agreement with Weber Hydraulik (Weber Rescue Systems), a global leader in the development and manufacture of hydraulic rescue systems and battery rescue equipment.

  • Response to the Queensland Foam Policy

    The Queensland State Government announced that Queensland will implement a “strict policy with respect to firefighting foams and their environmental management” The policy requires withdrawal of existing stocks of foams containing PFOS and PFOA at commercial and industrial premises, as soon as practicable and within a three year period. 

  • Fighting fire with technology - Film Forming Protein Foams

    Introducing Integrity C6 Film Forming Protein Foams – the next generation of fluorosurfactant technology in Film Forming Protein Foams from Angus Fire – the global leader in Fire Fighting foam technology.

  • Sales Award for Electronic Security Team

    The team at Chubb Electronic Security have good reason to have good reason to congratulate themselves as they were recently awarded a trophy for being the highest sales achiever for Lenel products in the 2012 year.

  • Chubb Electronic Security Wins Security Industry Training Award

    The Australian Security Industry Association's  Award for excellence in training has been won by Chubb Electronic Security.

  • Mist suppression for museum

    A high pressure water mist suppression system has been commissioned in the Northern Territory Museum wet store, where thousands of animal specimens are preserved in ethanol solution.

  • The next step for home security: cloud and HD resolution cameras

    Contemporary home security systems are often connected to the telephone line, so when an alarm is tripped, the resident is alerted immediately via their handset. But the system leaves the homeowner in the dark about whether the culprit is a wayward cat, or a genuine intruder.