Fighting fire with technology - Film Forming Protein Foams

Introducing Integrity C6 Film Forming Protein Foams – the next generation of fluorosurfactant technology in Film Forming Protein Foams from Angus Fire – the global leader in Fire Fighting foam technology.

Integrity C6 brings firefighter safety, lowered environmental impact, and a committed partnership to the fire fighting professionals of Australia AR-FFFP Niagara C6 3-3% and Alcoseal C6 3-3% and 3-6% now available.

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Doing what’s right, rather than what’s convenient

Angus Fire prides itself on the open and honest way in which it conducts business throughout the world. Their foams are an extension of their ethical beliefs and pride in being a responsible foam manufacturer, balancing high performance with minimal environmental impact. 

Angus Fire C6 foams contain no PFOA and no PFOS, in accordance with US EPA Stewardship Programme 2010/15 and EU Directive 2006/122/EC and amended Council Directive 76/769/EEC.

C6 Fluorosurfactants

These are the most effective agents currently available to tackle serious flammable liquid fires, providing firefighter safety and asset protection. Angus foams containing C6 surfactants utilise the very latest in firefighting foam technologies, developed and refined specifically to lower the environmental impact without reducing performance.



Why is film forming foam so important


For Fire-fighting

  • fast knockdown, control & extinction 
  • minimises spread, preventing re-ignition
  • minimises airborne pollution

Personal & Environmental Safety

  • protects casualties & firefighter lives
  • minimises use of foam and water resources
  • less run-off, less clean up, less pollution
  • extremely low environmental impact!

Asset protection

  • reduced damage to property & investments
  • minimised business interruption
  • minimised financial losses

Angus Fire -  the ONLY manufacturer that:

  • Produces all 9 foam categories
    Class A, P, SD, F3, FP, AFFF, FFFP, AR-AFFF, AR-FFFP
  • Long track record of performance
  • History of leadership and innovation

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